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The Bulgarian Bar Act

Art. 33. (1) The barrister papers, dossiers, electronic documents, computer hardware and otherinformation carriers shall be immune and shall not be subject to review, copy, check and seizure. 

(2) The correspondence between the barrister and his client, regardless of the way in which it isimplemented, including in electronic way, shall not be subject to review, copy, check and seizure and cannotbe used as evidence.

 (3) The conversations between barrister and his client cannot be listened to and recorded. Theeventually made records cannot be used as evidences and shall be subject to immediate destroying.

 (4) The barrister cannot be interrogated in procedure quality about: the conversations and thecorrespondence with a client; the conversations and the correspondence with another barrister; the actions ofa client; facts and circumstances, which he has come to know in connection with the implemented defendingand cooperation.