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Pro Bono

Pro bono (pro bono publico) – is a phrase from the Latin language and means a professional work carried out on a voluntary basis and without remuneration. Unlike normal charitable work, in this case, it is a matter for the pursuit of professional activity by professionals in the field which they know best. Most often this refers to lawyers and doctors who carry on their business without payment.



In Bulgaria, the service pro bono" by a lawyer exist, albeit in limited form. Is regulated in the Bulgarian Bar Act as in art. 38 are referred to persons who can receive free legal aid and assistance.

Following the provision of Art. 38 of the Bulgarian Bar Act, Our Law Office may provide Pro Bono assistance to:

1. Persons, entitled to alimony;

2. Persons in financial difficulty;

3. Relatives, friends or other lawyers.

In the cases of para 1 if in the respective procedure the adverse party is convicted to expenses the attorney or European Union lawyer shall be entitled to attorney remuneration. The court shall determine the remuneration in extent not lower than the provided in the ordinance of art. 36, para. 2 and shall convict the adverse party to pay it.

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